About Elaine

Elaine is a gifted artist and has been creating beautiful art since she was a child.

She started out with simple sketches. Then she attended many art courses where her drawings turned into paintings that graced her childrens’ rooms. Later the artwork started showing up on the walls of her many friends, family and clients.

She also taught art and ceramics at many of the colleges, both public and privately.

While there, she honed in on her ability to work with clay while helping many friends in the studio.

Hope 13×12 inches. Hand built clay, fired, glazed, acrylic paint & wood

She was selected as one of of ten women that showcased for many years on Abbot Kinney Road in Venice Beach, California at the artists studio called 10 Women.

  “I saw your mom’s sculpture while walking down Abbot Kinney and I thought I saw your grandfather! It was an amazing sculpture that looked just like him. Mika, a family friend of many years.


Now her beautiful work is available to see by appointment and here on this site.

We hope you enjoy looking at these sculptures. Some of them are available for purchase. You can leave a comment below. We love to hear from you.


Elaine and friends.

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