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2 thoughts on “Thank you for signing our guest book.

  1. Dear Reader, the comment link is now working. Apologies for the inconvenience.
    .hahaha like magic!


    I’m so glad you like my blog site. i did a great joy in creating it, didn’t I.
    In reply to italianmamachef.
    Thanks for visiting my site. Glad you enjoy my work.

    Thanks for visiting Hypea. I am busy creating more sculpture and will let you know when I have uploaded more pictures.

    in reply to Adriana Cantisani.
    Glad you enjoyed my art. sorry to take so long to respond to you. Julie did my blog and I am still trying to figure out how to use it.

    In reply to Barbara Swafford.
    Yes, thanks for the visit Barbara. We are helping each other out. You should see my other daughter, Lisa, and my son, Mike. I’ve always given space to art.


    Barbara Swafford
    How exciting it is to see both mother and daughter blogging. I agree with Julie, your art is awesome.

    My favorite is the three friends. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

    It is truly wonderful and amazing that I can respond to all of the wonderful people who are enjoying my site. And it happens so effortlessly and automatically (on my part at least)!!!

    In reply to adriana cantisani.
    Julie has spoken so nice of you. She tells me you are famous. It’s so nice to have a famous movie star leave a comment here. Did you see Will and Jada Smith have some of my sculptures. It’s a creative process.

    Have a great day.

    Thank you! That was so sweet of you to visit and leave a comment. I’m glad you liked them. Please feel free to visit anytime.


    Adriana Catisani

    Hello! I’m a friend of Julie’s in Bologna. I see she’s got you blogging. She’s been such an inspiration to me with my website! Keep sculpting, lovely work!


    Lisa Angelos McKenzie.
    Yes sweetheart,

    I am a fast learner. You, Julie and Mike really help me so much getting everything figured out. What one is your favorite? I have to upload the horse statue. It’s my favorite.


    I’m glad you like them sweety.


    In reply to italianmamachef.
    Thanks. I have so more that I am currently getting updated. It’s so fun to share my artwork with the world. Thanks for your comment! 🙂



    They’re beautiful!

    Melek Fahey

    Bravo on these pieces of art … praise all the way from Australia for you.

    ( Friend of Julie & Lisa’s ) 🙂

    Lisa Angelos McKenzie

    Mom, I am super impressed with your blog site! How you went yesterday from not knowing how to upload a photo on Facebook — to an entire blog site overnight — is just really impressive. I’m glad you are sharing your artwork with the world! It’s good stuff!


    Those are some really neat pieces of art. I love the “love and friendship” and “A dog’s best friend” the most.

    Gosh mom, these are really cute. Great job on getting the site on line. You are a multi talented young lady. 🙂

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